June 13, 2018 3 min read

How do you show your father how much you appreciate him? Father’s Day is almost here, and we have some suggestions if you’ve run out of ideas!

This year, June 17th is the day when we celebrate fatherhood, honor fathers and show our appreciation for the men in our lives who brought us happiness, comfort, and love since we were children. Father’s Day is a tradition that has lasted more than a century, and the time has come again to show our Dads how much they mean to us.

In case you can’t quite figure out what to get your father, look no further!

We have some suggestions for Father’s Day gifts we think all fathers will appreciate:


Fuacata cufflinks

One good idea for a father’s day present is a pair of cufflinks. If your father has never worn cufflinks before, consider buying him a pair and offering him a new way of expressing himself. Accessorizing a shirt with a pair of cufflinks can make even the most mundane outfit impressive and well put together. Or it can let your father’s personality shine through. If your father is a cufflinks veteran, you can always get him a new pair. Maybe a novelty pair of cufflinks is missing from his collection?

We offer a wide variety of cufflinks– from Stormtroopers, Caja China and a pair of cufflinks with the word Fuacata on them, to cufflinks decorated with the Cuban crest and more formal, subdued styles – there is something for every father’s taste. All the cufflinks are made of sterling silver and designed and manufactured by Santayana jewelers.


Another good idea for a gift would be a well-designed ring. If your father has a taste for good rings, you could get him one that will be a great addition to his collection.

Our rings range from more simple rings of sterling silver that feature aCuban crest, to rings with more detailed designs. A Carreta ring, made of sterling silver and a white onyx stone, represents the Cuban exile experience. It’s designed by our own designers and, with its symbols of a key, a palm tree, and a Carreta, it proudly represents the experience of many Cubans.


If you want something different, you can present your father with a keychain. Our keychains are sterling silver, decorated with the Cuban crest. This kind of a present is both simple and a perfect token of gratitude and love you can get for your father. Every time he dangles his keys, the keychain can remind him of your appreciation.


Santayana pendant

In case your father already owns all the jewelry he wants and is not too keen on adding another piece to his collection, consider getting him a pendant. This way your father can decide where, when and how to wear it.

Our pendants are made of sterling silver and designed by our own designers in Miami. As with all our jewelry, we can offer you a variety of styles and designs. From pendants that are decorated with a simple crest to more detailed designs. TheCarreta pendant, for example, would be a perfect addition to the Carreta ring. It features the same design and symbolic meaning, but since it’s a pendant, it can offer your father a chance to wear in more than one way. Another choice could be a Havana crest pendant that can also be changed and moved from necklace to necklace.

No matter your father’s personal taste and style, we think you can find something for him among our cufflinks, pendants, keychains, or rings. Whatever you choose to get him, just remember to tell your father how much you truly appreciate him.

If you think your father would like some jewelry, buy online now so that your present can arrive just in time for Father’s Day!

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