June 05, 2018 3 min read

Image of long necklace with v shaped neckline.

Looking for that one perfect necklace can be tough. Along with picking that gorgeous style, the perfect stone, you might ask yourself – what size necklace should I get? Read this short necklace length guide to find out!

There are so many decisions to be made when buying a necklace. The style, the stones, the wow factor, the statement piece. Once your heart leaps for that perfect, enchanting necklace – wait up, and consider the size.

Choosing a good size necklace can compliment your face shape, accentuate your height, and bring your outfit to a whole new level! How do you make a decision? Here are some tips:

Face Shape and Necklace Length

A necklace, just like a pair of earrings, can accentuate your face. With the right one, your overall look can be even more stunning than usual!

For a round face, the best length necklaces are the ones that would elongate it – necklaces 20” -24” long can create a V-shape that’ll drag the eye down and effortlessly frame your face. Try to avoid short necklaces like chokers and collars.

A square or oblong face will do well with chokers and shorter necklaces. This helps soften sharp edges and the look also elongates the neck. Necklaces longer than about 20” might detract from your face shape.

A heart-shaped face is similar to the oblong - this type of face shape can be softened by necklaces 16”-18” long. Just like square and oblong face shapes, heart-shaped faces might want to steer clear of necklaces longer than 20”.

If you’re lucky enough to have an oval face shape, you can almost never make a mistake. All types of necklaces can suit this face, and almost none can accidentally detract from its shape and beauty.

Your Height and Necklace Length

The great thing about necklaces is that if you choose the right one, it can accentuate your body type.

If you are 5’ 4” or shorter, you might find that longer necklaces tend to eat you up and dominate your entire frame. A good length for a shorter necklace is somewhere between 16”-18”, while a longer necklace would be between 20”-24”

If you’re taller than about 5’ 7” almost any necklace can work for you. However, if you choose a shorter necklace, make sure to match it with your face shape.

If you’re in between these two heights, mix and match! Almost any necklace will work great with your height!

Your Neckline and Necklace Length

image of woman wearing tight choker style necklace with an off the shoulder neckline.

Matching your necklace to your outfit’s neckline can make or break a look. Here are some of the more common necklines:

  • Crew necklines work well with short necklaces, like bibs and collars.
  • A scoop neckline is well matched with shorter necklaces with pendants and some volume.
  • Strapless tops are well matched with chokers, but work well with almost all lengths.
  • V-necks work well with 17”-24” necklaces.
  • A cowl can be matched with a choker or shot pendant necklace.
  • A boat neckline does well with a collar necklace and the ones between 28” and 37”.
  • A button up shirt can be combined with a necklace from 17” to 24”.

Now that you’ve read this short guide, you can be sure you’ll pick the perfect length necklace that will compliment your face, your body, and the neckline of your outfit. All you need to do now is pick a style to match your own, get dressed up, and heighten your outfit with one of Santayana’s gorgeous necklaces!

Here at Santayana, we can offer you necklaces of all lengths – you only need to pick your favorite. So, what are you waiting for – shop online now!

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