June 05, 2018 3 min read

You must have heard about this new bridal trend – wedding ring stacking! Perfectly coordinated rings nestled one on top of the other that give off the poise, beauty, and elegance of a love eternal.

If you’re wondering what’s the best way to stack your rings, keep reading – we have the perfect wedding ring stacking tips!

Lately, wedding ring stacking has become increasingly popular – it looks absolutely stunning and it can showcase your sense of style! If you too took a shine to the brilliance of wedding ring stacking, here are some tips to make your wedding ring stack special:

Three bands or two?

We all know the tradition – first comes the engagement ring, the flashy, wow-factor of your finger, then comes the wedding band, perhaps more subtle, but just as reflective of the devotion to your partner. However, when it comes to wedding ring stacking, sometimes a third band appears.

image of vintage engagement ring

Three rings stacked on your finger that represents eternal love and the union with your partner can look absolutely gorgeous. But what is that third ring?

The third ring in your stack can symbolize a number of things. Most commonly, you can choose to commemorate one of your anniversaries with a third band or even the arrival of your child. A third ring to add to your stack can be a beautiful way to mark a new milestone in your relationship.

Really, it’s a question of style and taste. There is definitely more space to experiment and showcase your own personal style with three rings, and you might think it just looks prettier and more symmetrical too!

Nesting and stacking

If you really want to showcase your engagement ring, you can choose a curved wedding band. Since it’ll come before the engagement ring itself, the curve can cushion the engagement ring stone and make it more prominent – as if it was on a platform. You can add a third band above it, curved in the opposite direction from the wedding band, and that way your engagement ring will be perfectly framed.

But who says great big stones are the only way to go? A number of bands can stack wonderfully!

Image of 3 wedding bands stacked on the ring finger.

Plain stacked bands can accentuate your finger, look beautiful, and you won’t have to worry about chipping or losing your stone!

For extra wow, if your bands have stones, you don’t have to line them up in an orderly vertical line. Position them so that the stones are all over the place – just the way you want it. This will definitely catch everyone’s eyes, and also it can reduce potential damage since the stones won’t bump into each other.

Mix it up!

mixture of different types of diamond and rose gold stacking rings.

Be brave – just like the old adage that you should always match your shoes to your bag and belt, the time of uniform rings is out! An increasingly popular way of making a wedding ring stack is mixing and matching metals and stones.

One band can be rose gold, another white gold, the third yellow gold. Together these look stunning, and if it fits your taste – why not try it?

image of yellow gold and diamond stacked engagement and wedding rings.

Different gemstones on each band can work just as well. Small or large, in shades of one color, or three different colors, don’t be afraid to make bold choices!

No matter which style of ring you choose, your wedding is something truly special. With these tips, we at Santayana hope we helped you with our little wedding ring stacking guide. We can offer you a multitude of beautiful rings, from simple bands to sparkly show-stoppers – all the better to experiment with creating your own special stack!

Our shops have a variety of rings, ready for that special moment. Whether you decided to stack them, or not, come shop online!

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