May 04, 2018 3 min read

Everyone knows what cufflinks are. Even if they’re not as common today as they were several decades ago, this one piece of jewelry for men can be both an heirloom you want to pass on and an accessory that can elevate your style to a whole other level.

The essential guide for cufflinks and how to wear them is something you must know if you want to enter a new world of style and sophistication.

What are cufflinks for?

To put it simply, cufflinks attach the two sides of a shirt when needed, and they are decorative and indicative of fashion sense and style. Cufflinks have been around for centuries – in the 16th, they were they simply strung, then they evolved in highly decorative (and very often extremely expensive) button-like fasteners. Don’t be fooled by their history  – cufflinks can be for everyone.

Today, men who want to exude a sense of sophistication, a superior sense of style, and who also want to include a personal touch to an outfit, definitely use cufflinks.

Crest cufflinks

When to wear cufflinks?

The short answer is – any time you wear a long-sleeved shirt that has the dedicated holes. The longer answer is that cufflinks are usually associates with semi-formal and formal wear (especially black tie and white tie event), but wearing cufflinks with a whole range of various outfits will make you feel sophisticated and give the impression of a man who cares about style and grooming.

It’s important to note here that you’ll need to pay attention to the cufflinks’ design – it will differ depending on the event you’ll be attending. For a formal event, you’ll want cufflinks that are of a more subtle design – think silver, black, blue, with perhaps a stone or crystal that is not jarring. For more informal occasions, you can go wild – novelty cufflinks, loud colors, larger crystals, anything goes!

An office look can quickly go from boring to outstandingif you choose to wear it with cufflinks. A white button-down shirt gives you a lot of room to experiment with the color and style of your cufflinks – since that kind of a shirt is pretty neutral, the cufflinks can be anything that matches your style. A blue shirt can work well when paired with cufflinks that are on the opposite side of the blue spectrum – a light shirt with darker cufflinks, for example. If you decide on a pink shirt, you can go with a classic monochrome style of cufflinks with a twist – that way it won’t be too gaudy or jarring.

Greatly formal occasions, like a black-tie event, do need the appropriate cufflink style. More muted designs and classic style will work nicely. There is some wiggle room for experimentation (instead of going with the classic steel, you can choose rose gold), but try not to go too out there.

For something like a white tie even, your cufflinks should be impeccably paired with the dress code of the event. Take care that you match your dress with the dress code of the event itself, and for your cufflinks go with the ones that will definitely impress – veer to a more classic style, but you can heighten your look with a more elegant pair of cufflinks, for example, Mother of Pearl.

All in all, choosing to pair cufflinks with a shirt for any occasion can definitely heighten your style. If you’re ready to take your style to a new level, check out our online store and pick a pair of cufflinks to get started with.

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