July 03, 2018 3 min read

Beads never go out of style. From the ancients to today, we can find beaded jewelry everywhere. If you’re the kind of person who cannot resist a beautiful string of beads, you’ll want to check out our latest bead necklace designs!

Just like any other aspect of fashion, jewelry also has its ever-changing trends. You may not think something as specific as necklaces can change in fashion, but that’s exactly what happens! You might remember the giant beads your grandmother wore or the string of cheap plastic beaded necklaces we all twirled around our fingers when we pretended to be adults.

Beads are back, and here are some trends you might want to keep an eye on:

Layers and Three Dimensions

A necklace that features more than only one string of beads can help you stand out. These can be large beads, where three rows of them make a real statement piece. Three-dimensional design is another thing that takes the trend to a whole new level – beads decorated with semi-precious stones give some texture to the necklace and make it go from classic to trendy.

Combined Necklaces

A string of beads may not be your thing. You might even think it’s monotonous. A necklace that combines different styles just might be what you’re looking for! A necklace where the primary string is made of metal and the beads are a centerpiece, almost like a pendant, break with the bead tradition. This style is experimental, trendy, and anything but boring.

Chokers and Collars

In recent history, chokers have dominated fashion in the ’90s and are now making a comeback. We’ve all seen (and worn!) plastic chokers, lace, satin, leather chokers, chokers with pendants, chains, or ones that are so tight they actually do make you choke a little. A twist to this trend is a choker made of beads! These beaded chokers are necklaces that’ll definitely turn more than a few heads.

If chokers aren’t your thing, a beaded collar necklace just might strike your fancy. A beaded collar that fits around your neck can make an old little black dress the most stylish outfit of the night while combining it with a shirt can make your daytime look fashion forward.

Following the Met Gala

Beads and beaded necklace designs have been in the spotlight ever since the announcement of this year’s Met Gala theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” From Gucci to Alexander McQueen, the runways have reimagined traditional beads – just like rosaries.

While the sacred aspect of beaded jewelry is undeniable and some wouldn’t even consider wearing them as fashion statements, when beads are used in modern jewelry they’re often only lightly inspired by the general shape and fit of their traditional counterparts.

Beaded necklaces that follow this summer’s trend are longer, sometimes with extra pendants attached throughout their chain, or they feature a string of pendants in simple shapes. Simplicity with hidden strength is the guideline to this trend.

These are just some of the trends you might find when browsing this year’s beaded necklaces. Whether your taste veers to the bold or to the more delicate, beaded necklaces can offer that to you. Feel free to browse our jewelry and shop online now – you’ll definitely find something you like!

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